X-Wing Mercy Kill by Aaron Allston 2012

09 Jan

This one was on the New Books shelf in the library, and I picked it up.  I enjoyed it as a light piece of entertainment.   I am a Star Wars fan, of the New Hope generation.  One of my most prized posessions is a t-shirt with Kermit the Frog holding a Lightsaber; it combines two fantastic ideas!

Mercy Kill is in the middle of a series, and that would put it out of the running for me if it were Fantasy. I thought I may be familiar enough with the Star Wars universe to overcome the potential “not first in the series” problems.  Plus, nothing lost in returning it to the library if necessary.

mercy kill alternate

Turns out this is one of those looser series that don’t follow a single storyline through several books, but share characters and reference assorted past events. It’s not difficult to follow as a stand-alone read.

This strongly reminded me of the A-Team in the Star Wars universe. The good guys are Wraith Squadron.  Flashback to the squadron working for the good guys in military intelligence.  Current time, the squadron is still working for the government, has new quirky members and the bad guy is a corrupt general in peacetime.  The squadron leader (get this A-Team fans, the leader’s moniker is Face) convinces an original member, Piggy, to come out of retirement.  Piggy is the central character of this story.  There are disguises, deceptions, squadron tensions, firefights, fighters, technology – everything you may expect.  There  are references to the Solo family and Luke Skywalker but no appearances.  Only Wedge has a 1 paragraph part.

The story moves along briskly to an expected, satisfying, and entertaining end.

As I was searching for a book cover image, I came across this:

Clearly, we are on the same page, and the writer put it very well.

I have also read a Star Wars book called Death Troopers, set 20 years before A New Hope.  This is a stand-alone book that I got a kick out of.  This one unexpectedly had some well known figures as major characters.

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One response to “X-Wing Mercy Kill by Aaron Allston 2012

  1. Aaron Goins (@avgoins)

    January 17, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    Glad you liked my review at Star Wars Report 🙂


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