11/23/63 A Novel, Stephen King, 2011

22 Jan

I really enjoyed this one.   Hardcover is over 800 pages, but it didn’t feel like a long book.

stephen king

I haven’t read a lot of Stephen King.  I have always associated him with horror, and I guess I was a bit freaked out by Carrie.   This one was on the library shelf with the cover facing out, and for some reason I picked it up.

I think Stephen King has a good spin on the time travelling tale here.  Time travel plots can get overly complicated, but the premise here is nice and simple.  A secret portal to the past, specifically to 11:58 AM, Sept 9 1958. To return to 2011, just come back through the portal.  Every trip to the past takes 2 minutes present time, no matter how long you are in 1958, and every trip to the past causes history to reset.  So, if you manage to change history in a bad way, you just go back again to “reset” it.  You can appreciate the temptation to “fix” something then to go back again to fix it again, but better.

Main character average-joe English teacher Jake Epping goes back.  He actually goes back and forth a couple of times (testing), but the big trip back is to prevent the assassination of JFK on Nov.  23 1963. Sounds easy, since he knows a lot about Lee Harvey Oswald and the events of the fateful day. Jake has to live in the past for several years; he places bets on sporting events ($), teaches English, meets a girl, and watches Oswald and plots ’till November 1963.  He has the best of intentions, and he is a well rounded, sympathetic character.

Of course time travel is not quite as simple as presented. I’ll leave it at that.

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One response to “11/23/63 A Novel, Stephen King, 2011

  1. dvdiva

    January 23, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    I have been curious about this one since it was released. Glad u like it. The 800 pages was holding me back but maybe I’ll get the ebook. I love King’s stories adapted to screen and really enjoyed his memoir. But the last novel of his I read was Cujo back in high school. I could take it or leave it. Time to revisit his writing. BTW recently watched the movie Carrie with the girls. They thought it was ok; creepy but not that scary. They are so desensitized, sigh.


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