Newsflesh Trilogy, Mira Grant, 2012

05 Feb

The 3 books:  Feed (2010), Deadline (2011), Blackout (2012).

I read Feed at least a year ago, and came across Deadline and Blackout both on the shelf at the same time in the library recently, so I picked them up.

feedblackout deadline

I liked the series very much, but I can’t say I loved it.

The series is set in a post-apocalyptic USA circa 2040.  Society has changed a lot after a virus unleashed a zombie plague across the world.  Now, everyone carries the virus, inactive, within them. A bite from a zombie activates the virus and turns you within a few minutes. Avoiding zombies would be easy if not for the 2% of the population who can turn into a zombie spontaneously. An outbreak can occur at any time, and large gatherings are particularly dangerous.  People live isolated in gated communities and communicate via the Internet.    Strangers are potential zombies and not to be trusted; there is no sense of community.

The main characters are journalists.  News in 2040 is delivered by blog; journalists travel where others won’t, and are heavily armed at all times as they expect to encounter zombies.  The risk of infection is a thrill.

The plot starts when the journalists are given a pass to follow a presidential candidate on the campaign trail.  Soon a sweeping government conspiracy is uncovered, and the journalists are in danger.  Society’s fear gives the government its power.

I feel the concept and setting are complete, interesting, and well defined.  I felt that Feed was the most unique of the 3 books, and Deadline and Blackout were more formulaic but easier to read.  I liked the technique of inserting blog posts to add personality to the characters. I also liked that main characters died as it added an element of instability. But I did feel the ending was abrupt.

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