The Silvered, Tanya Huff, 2012

17 Feb

I’ve read a couple of Tanya Huff novels, mostly from the Blood Price series.   Now, that series would not normally be a top pick for me, since it falls too much into the Vampire Romance category, but it is set in Toronto.  I love it when books are set in Toronto.

The Silvered is very different, and I liked it.  The setting is more typical of epic fantasy, but made much more interesting with some unexpected technology thrown in.  The main characters are either wolf-man shapeshifters or female mages with specific abilities.  The wolf pack works with mages to protect (or rule?) the citizens of Aydori.

the silvered

The insane ruler of the rival Empire invades Aydori as a cover for kidnapping several powerful female mages.  Most of the wolves are wiped out in the invasion.  An injured young wolf and a young mage set out to rescue the kidnapped mages.  The female mage belives her magical abilities are limited, but it soon becomes clear she is actually very powerful.

It is not stated on the cover, but I have to think this is the start of a series.  It has promise, as long as it doesn’t become primarily a romance.

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