The Age of Ra, James Lovegrove, 2009

09 Mar

I liked it.

The Age of Ra is an alternate history military fantasy.  Set in contemporary times, the Egyptian Gods have vanquished all other Gods and divided the Earth.  The Gods squabble among themselves, and this is reflected in constant war on Earth. The Gods need war, as they get strength not only number of followers but from their devotion.

age of ra

The hero is a British soldier, David Westwynter.  He is an interesting character, as he is a devout believer in the Gods, yet he is convinced to join a rebel group who aims to break the Gods’ hold over the earth.  The rebel leader is a mysterious masked man who can be very persuasive.  Too persuasive.  The rebellion is clearly doomed, but there is no lack of rebel followers.  The rebel leader may have some divine backing.

Keeping in mind this is a military themed fantasy, there is an interesting mix of conventional technology and god-powered laser weapons. The plot moves quickly, and does not get not mired down in protracted, complicated battle scenes. The number of key characters is kept quite small.



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