The Dragon Factory, Jonathan Maberry, 2010

31 Mar

This is what I would call a scientific thriller and an enjoyable read.

dragon factory

The hero (Joe) and his team are soldiers – the best of the best of course- who work for an unofficial elite US  organization called DMS.  Any weapon or intel is instantly available.  No expense is spared.  The bad guys are white supremacist genetic scientists who have a plan to wipe out most of the world’s population, and will set the plan in motion when the Extinction Clock ticks down to zero.  Genetics, cloning, it’s all here.  I’m not sure if the science is plausible,  but it makes sense in the context of the story and it does not require endless description.

The story opens with a scene from close to the end, then we jump back 99 hours to see how we got there.  The Extinction Clock is counting down.  There is considerable time spent describing firefights, weapons, and such, but this is nicely balanced with other narrative. The sequel is setup in the final page.  Some of the characters are a bit Larger than Life – but the plot is also outrageous so I think that fits.     

The Dragon Factory is actually the second book featuring the hero Joe Ledger.  I will keep my eyes open for book 1 – Patient Zero.  Reviews indicate it was better than The Dragon Factory.  The third book – The King of Plagues – is also available.




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