This Book is Full of Spiders, David Wong, 2012

31 Mar

Okay, so this book is a bit twisted, but it is cleverly conceived, funny, and engaging.  I really liked it.


This is the sequel to a book called John Dies at the End.   I haven’t read that, but Spiders stands alone pretty well.

The heroes (David, John, and Amy) are well intentioned blunderers.    I liked these characters because they are very flawed but brave and loyal.  The narrative is strong, and the story engaging.  

Spider creatures are taking over human hosts and spreading like wildfire; creating Zombie-like creatures. The  entire town is quarantined and about to be nuked unless someone can save the day.  There may be a conspiracy. 

Here is a link to the video trailer for the book:

Update August 2013

I read John Dies at the End.  Now I did read these books in the wrong order, but even so, I enjoyed Spiders much more.  I found myself plodding through John Dies at the End for the sake of finishing.

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