Fragment, Warren Fahy, 2010

25 Apr

I have to give this one mixed reviews.  It has a passable story line, but it is very formulaic. It would likely make a good action movie.


I’ll start by saying that I have read and enjoyed Jurassic Park. I like all the Crichton books I have read – and I may have read all of them at some point.

Fragment has many similarities to Jurassic Park.  The island in Fragment has been isolated for 200 million years or so, and all the island’s creatures have evolved in isolation into very different forms than we are used to.  All creatures are deadly.  The story follows scientists who discover and then attempt to explore the island.  As expected, they are attacked at every turn.

Problems.  The island is geologically unstable, and sinking into the sea just as it is discovered; this adds time imperative, but now?   I also had a problem with the creatures on the island.  They are just too different from ours, and therefore hard to visualize.  Maybe the author realized that would be a problem because he added sketches of the animals.  I also had an issue with the convenient isolation of the island.  The island’s location is well documented, but for some reason no human has attempted to explore it?  I didn’t much like the end either.



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