Amped, Daniel H. Wilson, 2012

27 Jun

Loved it.   I also loved Daniel Wilson’s other novel Robopocalypse.


This is near future science fiction set in the US.  It moves quickly and it draws you in.  It is not long, a Sunday afternoon will do.

Here’s the premise.  Neurological disease or low intelligence can be cured with a device implanted directly on the brain. It is a routine treatment, even government sponsored.   However, the device also boosts, or amplifies, intelligence and other abilities.  As the number of super-smart amped people grows, a Senator plays on the insecurities of the “regular” humans to lash out against the amps.  The hero is an amped schoolteacher with a unique implant.

According to Wikipedia, a Robopocalypse movie was planned and either dropped or put on hold.  I can easily see Amped as a movie.

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